Blog About Nothing: Link was Badass

Today, I have spent X amount of hours watching footage of video games I never beat (judge not lest ye be judged). After noticing Battletoads & Double Dragon could somehow breathe in space without oxygen suits, I revisited The Legend of Zelda: A Link in Time and realized: dude was badass! Granted, he could make fully armored soldiers vanish with two sword strikes and light bombs and a lantern without a fire generating mechanism, but these skills aren’t mention-worthy compared to what I’m about to reveal.

Link entered innocent civilians’ homes (unannounced), broke up their sh*t and left like a true G. And they never separated their lips about those pots (even when they contained rubies and hearts). Maybe they didn’t say anything because their stuff magically reappeared once he left? IDK… Dude is still badass.

(This is just another notch on his “badass belt.”) The newspapers read: “Link Has Kidnapped The Princess,” but the woman that deemed it necessary to sweep her already manicured lawn (pictured above) and the rest of the people in the village still trusted him wholeheartedly. Michael Vick/Chris Brown who?